Nancy Cline believes in Solutions, Not Soundbites

When Republicans innovate, the public at large understands that we are right on the issues that matter to them. But when we fail to articulate meaningful solutions to the challenges that face our community, we also fail at the ballot box and radical liberals are empowered.

We are currently represented by one of the most liberal members of the Texas Legislature, Michelle Beckley. That came about, not because we are one of the most liberal districts in Texas, but because in 2018 we failed to present a clear message to voters as to how best to address issues such as skyrocketing property taxes, traffic gridlock, and school safety.

Nancy Cline understands House District 65 and she understands how to solve problems. We can count on her to tackle the challenges that face our district and the State of Texas in a thoughtful, conservative manner in order to deliver real results, not just empty rhetoric.


Property Taxes

Our property tax bills continue to rise and rise. Nancy will be a champion for meaningful and long-lasting property tax relief for property owners. She understands that we must eliminate unfunded mandates that drive up local costs and tax burdens, and that the state must increase its contribution to funding public education. That’s the key to giving local taxpayers the relief that they need.

Public Education

As a local school board president, Nancy knows firsthand that our kids and teachers deserve access to the best public education system we can provide. A strong public education system that supports and incentivizes educational excellence creates a strong workforce which ensures that Texas remains a key player in the global economic arena.

Border Security

As long as the federal government continues to fail to protect our border, we must contribute the necessary resources to protect Texans from illegal immigration, gangs, and drug cartels. This is a matter of political will, and Nancy will stand strong with state and local law enforcement to ensure that our communities are protected by funding manpower and innovations in security technology and infrastructure.


Nancy is a businesswoman and job creator, and she understands that a vibrant private sector is the key to creating jobs and opportunities for all Texans. The government only serves to hinder employers and entrepreneurs. Nancy will focus her energies on reducing taxes and regulation on private business, and investing in high-quality infrastructure, so businesses can expand, create jobs and grow the economy so that Texas can continue to be the model for the rest of the country.

Unfunded Mandates and Balanced Budgets

Nancy is opposed to the idea of the federal or state government handing down directives to local entities which require some form of revenue expenditure without providing the necessary funding to offset the cost. While very often unintentional, these unfunded mandates often force the hand of local entities to raise taxes on local residents to cover their costs. Unfortunately, this practice is all-too-common, but it must be stopped.

Nancy believes we must create conservative and balanced budgets that invest in priorities, cut waste, and reduce taxes.

Protect our Traditional Values

Our traditional values are consistently under attack by those on the far left. We must be intentional and pro-active about protecting these pro-life and pro-family values by anticipating challenges and making laws that will better protect them for generations to come.

Defend the 2nd Amendment

Recent calls to curb our Constitutional rights in response to the actions of a few may be out of a genuine concern for our safety, but it is a wrong-headed approach. The problem of mass shootings and the killing of innocent people is not one that will be solved with legislation, so we must defend the 2nd Amendment to ensure that our right to protect ourselves and our families in not infringed upon.